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As seen in Mane Addicts

5 reasons to switch to a

silk pillowcase...


In all honesty, I never gave much thought to the material or quality of my pillowcase. As long as it was clean, I was happy. However, in the past year or so, I’ve feel like I’ve been putting more effort into preserving my styled hair so that I can a. wash it less and b. use heat tools less often. Products are a great way to refresh a style but I was looking for a way not to mess it up in the first place. Enter, the silk pillowcase. Here are 5 reasons I made the switch, and why you should too.


"Last but not least, I feel like supermodel in Paris when I sleep with a silk pillowcase. It’s such a luxurious fiber and it adds an expensive touch to my bedroom."- Deanna McCormick | Author, Mane Addicts

Want to make the switch? I love this one from SLIP. They use the highest grade mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes, plus the packaging is super cute. How perfect is this nude color!

Slip Pure Silk Caramel.


Article by Deanna McCormick | Author, Mane Addicts

See Full article here: http://maneaddicts.com/2016/08/22/silk-pillowcase-for-hair/


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43% less friction*

In laboratory testing slipsilk™ was shown to absorb significantly less face cream and create 43% less friction, on average, versus cotton pillowcases.*

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